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Accu Dive Pro

Accu Dive Pro

Accu Dive Pro Underwater GPS

The Accu-Dive Pro boasts all the features of the RECON-Pro, and in addition it can be equipped with a GPS signal amplifier and umbilical cable allowing for additional depth capability up to a maximum of 175 feet (53 meters).
Max Depth: 175 feet (53 meters) with GPS signal amplifier.

Accu-Dive Pro Features
• Integrated Garmin GPSMAP 172C GPS receiver with a 200Mhz processor allowing for virtually instantaneous screen refresh.
•WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) Compatible for < 3 meter position accuracy. (EGNOS in Europe and MSAS in Japan).
•Large 3.2 " (81mm) X 3.2 " (81mm) High Resolution COLOR LCD Display.
• Easy to use "stylus" based GPS receiver keypad.
• Can be used to a depth of 175 feet (53 meters).
• High visibility surface float with International Dive Flag.
• Chart plotter with integrated data card reader for uploading detailed maps of the dive area.
• PC connection for use with pre-dive planning and post-dive analysis software.
• Rechargeable 12-volt battery and charger.

Accu-Dive Pro Keypad and LCD Screen
The Accu-Dive Pro is fitted with a unique underwater keypad and large 3.2 " (81mm) X 3.2 " (81mm) High Resolution COLOR LCD screen. These allow a diver to easily select any of the GPS receiver functions, using a handheld stylus, while underwater.

Product Options (Charts)
The Accu-Dive Pro comes fully equipped to be utilized right out of the box, however detailed charts of the waterways where the Accu-Dive Pro will be utilized are available at extra cost.Garmin's MapSource BlueCharts are available for a wide range of worldwide locations.
Simply slot the data card into the Accu-Dive Pro port located on the bottom of the receiver.

Product Options (Umbilical Cable)
The Accu-Dive Pro base model comes equipped with 70 feet (21 meters) of umbilical cable. Additional length of umbilical cable up to a total of 175 feet (53 meters) if the Accu-dive is equiped with a GPS signal amplifier.
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